12 ways Gnowise is your new real estate investment secret weapon

Toronto real estate is red hot, so how can you keep up with major changes occurring in house pricing?

Anyone that can predict the constantly shifting valuations in Toronto – one of the hottest markets in North America – has the potential to earn incredible profits. On the flipside, if you misstep in your calculations you could lose big time – or miss the boat on major opportunities.

We both invest in real estate ourselves, and we were frustrated by the complete lack of scientific or data-driven real estate investment software. We wanted a tool to make this issue disappear, and accurately predict exactly when and where real estate prices would shift. So, we gathered some of the most brilliant minds in data science and predictive technology to build exactly that, and we named it Gnowise – pronounced ‘Know-wise.’

Here are twelve ways Gnowise can help maximize your investment:

1. Gnowise makes superhuman pricing predictions

Seasoned investors are highly intelligent – there is no doubt about that. But the human mind can’t gather, analyze and model the almost infinite changes in real estate data – let alone keep up with the non-stop fluctuations in market economics, valuations, trends and predictions. It’s simply impossible without complex algorithms and machine learning.

We spent the last two years assembling those complicated algorithms into Gnowise, which can analyze literally millions of data sets to keep up with changing trends to accurately predict pricing. Then we built it on an advanced cloud-based computing platform that can learn upon its past analysis and show you incredible easy-to-understand results. Gnowise is now the superhuman real estate investment tool we were looking for.

2. Learn if you should buy or sell your property right now

Investors ask us these questions all the time: Should I buy a new place right now? Is it the right time to sell?

Deciding if now is the right time to invest or not can be one of the most arduous decisions to maximize your return. Since we also invest in real estate, we have to ask ourselves these questions every day. Fortunately, now our software can make the decisions for us. So the right time is displayed within the Gnowise results.

3. It’s incredibly simple to use


Access the Gnowise website or open the Gnowise app with your smartphone or tablet. Just enter a few key pieces of information: the property size, budget and your location of interest, etc.

Gnowise will work its magic to display the latest price forecasts for your properties of interest. You’ll see values and locations displayed in straightforward charts and graphs – no deeper analysis required.

4. Take the worry – and risk – out of the equation

Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, so we made that a key component of Gnowise. Enter your risk factor from low to high, and the market analysis will personalize the results for you. The system learns the real estate market inside and out, then instructs you how to maximize your profit. From safe-and-sound all the way to aggressive investors, Gnowise has you covered.

5. Amazing graphs display the data


Few people want to dig through stacks of numbers to get to their key data points. So we created stunningly simple charts to depict all your search results.

Interact with each chart by scrolling over the data – you’ll discover prices, dates and break-even points to make a wise investment decision. The moment you interact with a chart, you’ll be hooked.

6. Drag the map to reveal new locations

Toronto map

These maps aren’t static. As you move, they move – at the swipe of a finger or scroll of the mouse. That makes it easy for you to see the results of one neighbourhood, then fly-over various other Toronto locations to compare property types.

7. Discover the perfect neighbourhoods

Where’s the best neighbourhood to live? What area will yield the highest return on my investment? Gnowise has you covered here, too.

Whether it’s a three-story house in the Beaches, a condo downtown, a fixer-upper in Scarborough or an established home in Etobicoke, you can find which one has the best potential value. Check out the map view, then scroll through the various Toronto neighbourhoods to locate your perfect real estate match.

8. Real estate agents and investors love it

We designed Gnowise as the ultimate online companion for real estate investors. So we tested it with both agents and investors, who have all been astounded by the results. It’s simply the most powerful real estate prediction tool out there.

Other industry pros can take advantage as well, including mortgage brokers, bankers and investment analysts. That also includes new investors, people looking to break into the industry, and everyday buyers and sellers.

9. It’s powered by impressive data & algorithms

You’ve heard of big data, and now there’s Gnowise data. Powered by Canada’s Open Data Exchange, we constantly update millions of data sets in the system, including but not limited to average purchase prices, neighbourhood valuations, interest rates, mortgage rates and the most reliable economic forecasts. Together with our uniquely designed algorithms, this creates the genius behind the Gnowise platform that produces incredibly accurate price predictions.

Gnowise is also built on lighting-fast cloud based platforms, which gives you automatic updates and an intuitive and robust experience. Big data? No problem.

10. Real-time updates mean accuracy

Real estate investments can feel very uncertain. Nobody wants to lose equity or limit their ROI. Gnowise algorithms are constantly at work in the background to keep up with changing trends, market fluctuations and economic triggers – and as we mentioned earlier, this is all based on the most up-to-date information. The results you get from the software are immediate – they provide the most accurate information that can dramatically impact your bottom line, all at your fingertips.

11. Serious investors can take it to the next level

A seasoned investor needs low risk and high returns, so Gnowise Pro Analytics and Enterprise grade platforms will help advance your investment opportunities. Simulate market conditions by entering further criteria and conditions that will impact your investment. Then capitalize on an incredible 2-year prediction forecast that can show you (and your clients) exactly how much their investment will grow.

12. It’s free…forever!

We want you to use Gnowise and benefit from it. Try it out with the “Discover & Play” version that is free forever – so there’s no drawback to trying it out.

Discover & Play lets you enter your desired property type to get a 6-month price prediction. Map out various Toronto neighbourhoods to find the ultimate location for buying or selling homes. Discover & Play again and again to research the best places and learn about the market – it’s designed to help educate you as an investor.

Is there money to be made on Toronto real estate? The short answer: absolutely.

But you need to know where to invest your money and what risks are considered worthy of your equity. Don’t get into the real estate game without spending considerable research, finding the right professional advisors and using the best tools at your disposal.

If you’re getting into real estate, get Gnowise on your side, and understand the market wisely.