The Newest Way for Commercial Banks to Predict their Client’s ROI

Challenge: Gaining your client’s trust

Clients now expect more from experts in the financial industry, and the professionals are challenged with keeping up with new tech and staying a step ahead of consumers. If your clients are ahead of the game — or worse, your competition — then your credibility and trust also goes down the tubes.

New Gen Apps highlights the need for turning one-time clients into long-term relationships, and points to data analysis for this shift. “Important issues like ensuring long-term loyalty from high-valued customers, retaining and attracting different types of customers, fraud detection, application screening, credit and collections have always been an area of concern.”

Gnowise Solution: Become a trusted advisor

With unique access to the data, finance pros can learn more about their local industry and be the first to highlight opportunities for investment. This also gives pros the chance to be the provider of exclusive content and information that they can’t get elsewhere — helping to develop a more trusted and valued business relationship.

Gnowise predictions give you the ability to be that trusted advisor. With access to Gnowise data, your clients can turn to you as a source of unbiased estimate for home values, all based on scientific analysis.

The advent of new tech like predictive analytics puts control back in the hands of the experts — offering enterprise-grade platforms that aren’t accessible to the average client. With the Gnowise enterprise-level software, finance and real estate pros can compare properties more accurately and filter by strategic criteria and specific neighbourhoods. This allows them to offer more flexibility in solutions.